Jon Callas, security and encryption expert, returns to Apple

After his pulse with the FBI for privacy, which had its most media moment in the case of the San Bernardino sniper iPhone 5c, Apple has signed Jon Callas again, a software engineer and security expert He had already worked for Apple in the 1990s and until 2009. Callas is also known to be the co-founder of encrypted communication services such as Silent Circle and Blackphone or the PGP Corporation.

The decision of Tim Cook and company to re-hire Callas comes shortly after rumors began circulating that Apple wanted to make its operating systems are impenetrable (even for Apple), although, as they themselves say, this would be virtually impossible. In any case, Apple's intention is always to go ahead of hackers and, incidentally, that the forces of the law cannot ask for help, since they could not offer it even if they wanted to.

Jon Callas will work to improve the security of iOS and OS X

According to Reuters, Callas is on Apple's side and against companies that would agree to break their own encryption on a government request, but believes law enforcement officials should be able to take advantage of software vulnerabilities, such as method that the FBI used to access the iPhone 5c San Bernardino sniper.

Callas said he is against companies that are committed to law enforcement to break the encryption of their own products. But he also said he supports a compromise proposal under which law enforcement officers with a court order take advantage of undisclosed software vulnerabilities to hack technological systems, as well as reveal vulnerabilities after using them so they can be corrected

As usual, although a spokesman has already recognized the signing, Apple has refused to reveal exactly what Callas will work on his return to the Cupertino company. In his previous stage at Apple, the software engineer and encryption specialist worked on cryptographic security products for OS X and iOS.

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