Kanex brings us the first 4000mAh portable charging base for the Apple Watch

A few days ago I was talking about the 13000mAh powerbank of the Lumsing brand, an accessory of those that today are made more than necessary due to all the battery needs that we have in our day to day. And it is that as I told you there are many who have done a great business thanks to all the accessories that have been created as a result of mobile devices.

Today we bring you something more than innovative, and that is who is not lazy about the long charging cable of the Apple Watch … It is worth thinking about having it fixed on our bedside table or in a dock, but the truth is that if we are traveling we have to be charging with a cable 2 meters It is quite annoying. We present the charging base (or powerbank) Kanex, the first portable charging base for the Apple Watch. A portable 4000 mAh base with which to charge our Apple Watch wherever we go. And yes, it has Apple Watch certificate …

As you have seen in the video, we are facing a charging base, or powerbank, quite innovative. I had not seen anything like it, and it has the Apple boys certificate to be used with the Apple Watch so you can rest assured that it meets the requirements of the apple boys. The Kanex charging base can charge your Apple Watch up to 6 times (It has a capacity of 4000 mAh), an LED indicator will inform you of the state of charge of the battery.

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As you can see in the previous image, the best thing about this Kanex charging base is the possibility to charge our iPhone too, that is, we are facing a real off-road powerbank, although we must bear in mind that the Apple Watch will have charge priority over iPhone Due to the 4000 mAh capacity (little but more than enough to charge the Apple Watch several times and the occasional our iPhone. With the Kanex charging base you can save all those powerbanks you have at home, and the long charging cable Apple Watch, all reduced to a small gadget that will be the center of charge of all your device. € 99.95, a price (in my view) quite competitive, you can get it from their own website, or if you are in the United States from Amazon, it is also reduced to $ 77.42 (they do not ship to Spain).

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