Koogeek offers in home and health

The arrival of Amazon Alexa to Spain with its full range of speakers brings us new possibilities in home automation for iPhone users, and therefore we have a wide range of possibilities when choosing which accessories to buy to perform automations at home.

Koogeek brings us this week a wide assortment of home automation accessories for our home, compatible with HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, and also an always useful device like a tensiometer that we can use connected to our iPhone. These items will be on sale for a few days using the following promotional codes.

Arm tensiometer

An accessory for your smartphone that will allow you to know your blood pressure and heart rate with the reliability offered by the American FDA and European Union certification. Very easy to handle with the iPhone application and even without it, this tensiometer will prevent you from taking unnecessary walks to control your blood pressure, always under the periodic supervision of your doctor, of course. You can see our full review on this link. Its price is usually € 50.99 but using the code COFOJYMM stays at € 40.79. You can buy it on Amazon from this link.

Lampholder for HomeKit

On many occasions, it is not good for us to change our bulbs for other smart ones, so that this device is essential for us, with which we can continue using our usual bulbs but we can control them through the Home application of our iPhone, iPad and Mac, in addition from through the HomePod. Place it in your lamp and screw the bulb into it, and it will be ready to work. You can see our full review on this link. Its usual price is 36.99 but with the code J5XBWIN2 it stays at € 29.59. You can buy it on Amazon from this link.

Alexa smart plug

In this case we are not talking about a HomeKit compatible device but with Amazon Alexa. You can control it through the Koogeek application or if you have an Amazon Echo speaker you can use your voice to turn on and off what is plugged into this device (the necessary skill is not yet available in Spanish but will arrive soon). It is also compatible with Google Assistant. Koogeek offers us two different packages, and both are on offer:

  • A plug, usual price € 17.99 with the code JNJ95H23 stays at € 13.49 (link)
  • Two plugs, Regular price € 29.99 with code JNJ95H23 stays at € 22.49 (link)

Door and window sensor for HomeKit

It is a surprisingly useful device. Although it does not perform any action itself, it does serve to execute actions such as sending a notification every time a door or window is opened, or turning on the lights whenever the entrance door to the house is opened. You can see our full review on this link. Small and discreet, its usual price is € 29.99 and with the code 3WYMWYWA it stays at € 23.99 using this link to Amazon.

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