LaMetric, a unique smart watch in its category

In a world that is increasingly connected, a smart desktop clock was missing that allowed us at a glance, without too much distraction, to know the most important news, some would notify of our new emails or give us information about the weather in our area or if we need to go out with the umbrella. LaMetric is just that, a watch with a design that would make it go through a modern and minimalist alarm clock, but that goes much further thanks to its independent internet connection and its application for iOS and Android that allows us to configure and customize it to our liking.

The Metric is a clock, and an alarm clock, it can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker and to listen to internet radio. But the really remarkable thing about this product is the huge number of applications that can be installed, very simple but that give it a lot of utility. It is compatible with Netatmo weather stations, with Philips Hue bulbs, with Nest thermostat or with the Belkin, WeMo smart plugs, or Ring's video surveillance and doorphone systems. If we add to all this that it also has its own IFTTT channel, the integration possibilities are enormous.

With a very simple use that is based on just three touch buttons, and an application for iOS and Android that allows you to install your favorite applications on the device with just a couple of screen touches, the information is within reach of a glance at LaMetric . Receive notifications when there is new news on your favorite RSS feeds, or when you receive emails or Twitter mentions, or create personalized messages to display on the screen and use in your business. LaMetric is now available to buy on its official website, and also in stores such as Amazon UK, for an approximate price of € 200.

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