LaMetric Time, a smart watch for your desktop

We are already used for a long time to smart watches on our wrists. Receiving notifications, reading messages or seeing the results of our favorite soccer teams doing a wrist spin is common for many. But nevertheless Today we present a new concept: the smart desktop clock. The Metric Time is just that, a smart watch that we can place on our work desk, on our bedside table or on a shelf.

Customization, application installation, integration with automation platforms such as IFTTT, Amazon Alexa support, View notifications, read messages or see who is calling your smartphone. All this and much more is what this fantastic gadget that we analyze below can do.

Design and specifications

The Metric Time is more like a portable speaker than a conventional clock. With its small dimensions (20.1 × 3.6 × 6.1) it is very similar to those small Bluetooth speakers that we can buy to listen to music with our smartphone. But once connected to the USB cable and its charger, we see that the thing changes radically because su front lights with a multitude of colors. By the way, the charger includes adapters for different types of plug, a detail that you appreciate if you travel a lot and want to take it with you.

As we say the front lights, with two different areas. The 2/3 on the right are made up of 29 × 8 white LEDs, while the 1/3 on the left has 8 × 8 colored LEDs. A glass diffuser of light makes the LEDs look like squares of color rather than lights themselves, and together with the excellent clarity with which they are seen even in broad daylight it achieves a visually very well achieved effect. The light sensor on the front, just above the LEDs, is responsible for adjusting the brightness of the LEDs.

At the top we have three buttons whose operation we will detail later and in the video that accompanies this article, and on the back the microUSB connector, necessary for it to work because there is no integrated battery. On the sides we find the loudspeakers, the power button on the right and the volume on the left. We complete the specifications with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. The material used is simply plastic, without further frills.

As you have read it has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Why two types of connection? The WiFi connectivity uses it to show us all the information that we configure through the applications. It will connect to our home network and without the need for our iPhone to be close You can show us everything we want thanks to the applications we can install, as we will see later. Bluetooth connectivity is used for two functions: show notifications from our smartphone and listen to music.

Settings and applications

Everything is done from the application that we can download from the App Store for free (link) and basically consists of giving you access to our WiFi network. From there we can install the applications from the gallery that we find within the application itself, configure them with the options that each app offers us, and establish what type of visualization we want to have: carousel, show only one app, change apps manually or set a schedule to change the applications shown.

The use of the application is very intuitive, so with just a few minutes we will be able to configure it and then gradually polish the details of each application and the display mode. The application gallery is really extensive, and we have countless applications and categories. Highlight applications for home automation accessories, like Philips Hue, Netatmo, Belkin WeMo, Amazon Echo and even IFTTT. What are these applications for? Just one example, we can turn on a light with the press of a button, receive weather or safety alerts, or see the air quality of our home.

But without the need of any other accessories you can also offer us all kinds of information, such as current weather conditions, full day prediction, La Liga results or the latest news that have been published in your favorite blog thanks to their RSS feed. We can even listen to the internet radio, although in Spain there are very few stations available. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube … there are applications of all kinds, and as anyone can create their application and upload it to the LaMetric store the possibilities are enormous thanks to the large community that is already behind this device.

In addition to the applications we can also show the notifications that reach our iPhone. Thanks to the speakers you have we will hear a sound with each notification and see what it is on the screen. We will see the identity of the caller or we can read the WhatsApp they have sent us. The notification display is configurable, and we can choose which applications can display them and which not. For this function we need to be close to the device because it uses the Bluetooth connection for it.

It is really necessary to always be connected to the same network to be able to interact with this LaMetric Time, except to use another application that we have available in the App Store. LaMetric Smile (link) is an application that allows you to send messages with fun pixelated images that will appear directly on the screen of your LaMetric Time, wherever you are. It's a fun way to communicate with who you know is in front of the clock. You can also send those messages via iMessage, Facebook Messenger or share it with other applications. The app is not yet adapted to the iPhone X, so you see those black bars at the top at the bottom.

A normal speaker

We have said that LaMetric Time has two speakers on the sides, which are used for notification sounds, but also for use as a speaker. Through Bluetooth connection we can listen to the music of our iPhone, but do not expect a quality comparable to a speaker of a similar price. It is clear that the attractiveness of this device is another, and being able to be used as a speaker is almost more anecdotal than anything else, because it also has no battery, so we can not take it with us wherever we want.

But if you want to listen to music, there is that option and it is something that can come in handy at specific times. The operation is like that of any bluetooth speaker, you must connect to it (a different connection to the one used regularly) and start playing music on your iPhone.

Editor's Opinion

Metric Time takes the concept of smart watches to a different environment than the one we are used to. Ideal to place it on a bedside table, on the work desk or on a well-visible shelf, it will offer us much more information in addition to the obvious clock function. Personalization through applications from the iOS application itself, its very intuitive use and the clarity with which it sees information from any angle and with any light are its great virtues, and you can only find some defect when we use it as a speaker, a function that is not much less than the one it is intended for. Available on Amazon for € 199 and Zococity, a store specializing in speakers and headphones, it is an accessory that, as was the case with smartwaches, seems more a whim than a need, but when you have it you can not go without it .

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 199

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  • Customizable and with applications installable from the app
  • Excellent viewing from any angle and light
  • Notifications display
  • Very intuitive configuration and use


  • No battery
  • Modest quality speaker

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