Live Listen to the AirPods on iOS 12

The AirPods are undoubtedly one of Apple's most successful devices since its launch. After the first moments in which they were mocked for their peculiar design, the reality is that these wireless headphones have gradually flooded the streets and now it is very common to meet people carrying them at the traffic lights or public transport.

In addition to its comfort of use, its autonomy and the simplicity of handling, including that “magic” that makes them automatically connect to your devices, now a new virtue will have to be added, and it seems that iOS 12 will bring a new feature to these wireless headphones that people with some type of hearing impairment will appreciate: Live Listen. You can use your AirPods to listen to conversations better.

This new feature has been unveiled by TechCrunch, who says that the AirPods would receive this new feature on iOS 12. It is a feature available within the Accessibility menu and that until now it was exclusive to some MFi-certified headphones. What is Live Listen? Well, you can use your iPhone's microphone to be able to listen to any conversation you have through compatible headphones. Imagine a table in a noisy restaurant. A person with hearing problems may have a hard time being able to have a conversation with another person on the other side of the table. Placing the iPhone near that person and with the AirPods linked to their iPhone, I could hear that conversation much better.

Appel has always been characterized by taking great care of accessibility options, and that headphones as popular as the AirPods receive this new feature is great news For those with hearing problems. Despite this, we cannot fail to point out that AirPods can never replace a hearing aid adapted to the needs of each person.

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