Logitech Powered, the wireless charger that Apple should have made

Since Apple introduced its first iPhone with wireless charging, more than a year ago, it has not launched any charging base that takes advantage of precisely that function that is present from the iPhone 8 and all subsequent models (the AirPower base unfortunately can not count ). But nevertheless yes we have a charging base for iPhone that would have signed the very Apple: Logitech Powered.

With a design that can not help remembering the accessories of the company of the bitten apple and that characteristic white color, this charging base solves some of the most common problems of wireless chargers, and also does it quite simply but ingeniously.

A design that does not fail

Sometimes you don't have to get too complicated to get something different from what others offer, and usually in simplicity you will find the key to success most of the time. Nothing of raucous LEDs or implausible designs, a simple base on which your iPhone can rest, that Perfectly fits all models compatible with wireless charging and make it so discreet that it can be placed on any table. The logo of the manufacturer is barely visible in the white plastic in which the charging base is manufactured, which I love.

The base is heavy, enough so that when you place your smartphone it does not move in the slightest, just like when you remove it, and non-slip feet located on the base help it to be perfectly fixed on the surface where you place it. The cleft of the base where the iPhone rests allows the sound of the speaker to be heard perfectly, and only a tiny LED located at the top lights up when the iPhone is charging.

The base includes the charger needed to work and that gives the power that the specifications indicate: 7.5W. It is the maximum power that support the iPhone and therefore why offer more ?. We said it in the title: the base that Apple would have made. The charging cable cannot be separated from the base, and although the network adapter can be removed, the connection is not USB, so you can not take advantage of the computer port to use it. The cable is long enough to reach any nearby plug.

Ending two wireless charging problems

The vast majority of wireless charging bases that we can find in the market are horizontal, which is very convenient but impractical, especially if we want to use it on the desktop of our computer. If you receive notifications you cannot see them, because the iPhone is horizontal. With this Logitech Powered base you will be able to see the notifications that you enter simply by diverting your eyes for a moment, since its inclination even allows you to unlock your iPhone using Face ID without having to take it from the base. You can even make FaceTime calls without removing the iPhone from the base.

The other problem common to all the bases is that the iPhone cannot be used while charging: as soon as you take it, it stops charging, which is inconvenient on many occasions. With this Logitech base you can at least charge your iPhone while watching your favorite series. The base allows you to place the iPhone horizontally and to be charged normally, which is ideal for watching that game of your favorite team while you finish the weekly report that your boss has asked for.

And there is more, because it also lacks another fairly widespread problem of conventional bases: it is not necessary to get the load right to start. Surely more than once you have left the iPhone in the charging base at night and the next morning you have been surprised that your iPhone has not been charged. With this base it does not happen since there is no way to place the iPhone on it without charging, it is impossible.

Editor's Opinion

If you have an iPhone and want to take advantage of the wireless charging it offers you, I can't find a better base right now than this Logitech Powered. Its design would be signed by Apple itself, its finishes and materials are at the height of a high-end smartphone, and it also offers you the possibility to see notifications or enjoy multimedia content while your iPhone is charging. Many will say that it only offers 7.5W of power, but if you want to charge an iPhone, everything that is more than that amount is useless. Its price of € 71.99 on the Logitech website (link) is not the lowest you can find, but you will not regret your purchase.

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 71.99


  • Design, materials and finishes
  • View notifications or make video calls from the base
  • View multimedia content while loading
  • Fast charge for iPhone

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