macOS Mojave focuses on privacy, improves the capture tool and brings new applications

Although sometimes it may not seem like it, macOS is an extremely important Operating System for Apple, and the company knows that it has been leaving its desktop system for a long time. In this WWDC18 Apple has decided to add a good number of new features in the form of applications and performance improvements for macOS such as News, Home and much more.

Many new features that come to this new version of macOS called Mojave which will include improvements in security, performance and, above all, it adapts to the needs of today's user, maintaining a minimum standard based on iOS.

The first example is that both Bolsa and News arrive at macOS Mojave, this second only to the countries where it is available. On the other hand, Home also comes to macOS Mojave allowing us to control all the departments and functionalities that are currently available with HomeKit in general for any device. These are the two most outstanding features, not forgetting the new screenshot tool, also inspired by the one that iOS currently has, as well as Continuity Camera to be able to use the camera of our iPhone, without cables, to create and offer content on our Mac.

Definitely The Mac App Store has also received a major visual renewal, something that was needed, although they have not seemed to fall into that its biggest flaw is the little support that developers are providing to this platform generally, quite abandoned, and is that many firms prefer to offer their applications outside and thus skip any type of restriction monetary or legal that Apple may impose on them. Another novelty will be a dark mode, that has not been seen on iOS, however. Little by little it seems that in macOS they will also opt for performance and a limited cast of novelties, but satisfying users.

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