MacX DVD Ripper Pro, get the best DVD ripping program for free

A decade ago, to watch virtually any video in our living room we had to burn it to a CD or DVD to put it on a desktop player. Shortly after, computers began to appear with USB ports that allowed us to connect a flash drive and watch our videos directly without using a DVD. It has rained a lot since then, but there is one thing that has not changed: if we want to extract the data from our original DVDs we have to use a program like MacX DVD Ripper Pro, the best of the options available for macOS.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the best program to rip our original DVDs on Mac but, as with any quality software, it has a small mole on form priced at € 59.95. The good thing is that we are entering some important dates in which we all like to share things with our loved ones, and that is something that MacX DVD developers are also doing offering us the possibility of getting 1000 free copies a day of the best program to rip DVDs until January 5, 2017. The only difference between these copies and the paid ones is that we cannot update them.

Why do I need a program like MacX DVD Ripper Pro?

The first reason I can think of is the most logical: make a backup of our DVDs. How wrong you are if you think a DVD is for a lifetime. To prove it, I will summarize something that happened to me a decade ago: years before I was fond of audio editors known as "Trackers." I created 14 songs that, while it is true that they were not good at all, I always wanted to keep. I recorded those songs on a CD, which is very similar to a DVD, and this CD annoyed me (bacteria? They told me), so that when the laser passed through some points, the sound delivered a kind of very irritating hiss or It was choppy. The first thing I did when I had my first own computer was to try to recover that battered CD. I did it, but only in part: 12 songs recovered and several of them with poor quality. If I had made a backup of that CD, the sound would have been perfect so far 20 years after its creation and much more.

Interestingly, another feature offered by MacX DVD Ripper Pro is that of repair the DVDs. If we have not treated them well over the years, it is likely that the DVDs are scratched, which will have an effect similar to the one I suffered on my music CD but also on the video. This function will try to digitize the DVD to repair it and that the video it contains looks perfect for several more years.

Another reason to use MacX DVD Ripper Pro is that of save space. You may not believe me, but for years I only have a CD / DVD of a music group; I got rid of the rest. I still remember when I had dozens of music albums and DVDs scattered throughout my room and part of my house. The worst of all this, in my opinion, is no longer the space that a DVD occupies, but having to look for them in order to enjoy them. If we have them ripped on a hard drive, just look in our personal video folder or perform a search in the Finder to find them. If we have them in physical format, where do we start looking? I do not lie to you when I say that I have a brother who has hundreds of these "records" and goes crazy to find some movies, although I confess that this happens when he looks for movies that are recorded on a DVD with several more.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro allows us to watch our DVDs on any device

I am not discovering gunpowder when I say that a DVD player is necessary to play a DVD. I do not know yours, but my iPhone has no slot to put a DVD. What it does have is 128GB of space where I can put several movies. MacX DVD Ripper Pro will allow us toBring the video from any original or own DVD and export it to other formats, among which is the MP4 that any iPhone can play.

There are many more situations in which software such as this is necessary, such as not having to buy something that we have already purchased on iTunes if we already have it on an original DVD, eliminate regional restrictions or, not least, be able to edit videos to share by virtually any route.

And why is it so important to rip DVDs?

Well, I can think of two reasons without having to think too much:

  • Quality. We can look for any other option, but we will not find it. In fact, any video we find on the Internet has been ripped before. If we look for quality, the best we can do is rip a DVD.
  • We save all menus and content. Virtually any downloaded movie, something that we already know is illegal, is usually downloaded to our hard drive with 1-2 audio tracks and another video (2 video if 3D), but no other content like menus is added which will allow us to select a specific chapter or subtitles and different languages. In short, if we want everything, it is best to rip a DVD.

Features available on MacX DVD Ripper Pro

  • Rip DVDs to the most used video and audio formats.
  • It is able to eliminate the restrictions against the most modern rippeo.
  • Convert DVD to virtually any format, including profiles for iPhone, Android, etc.
  • Convert DVD to ISO while preserving quality and all original menus.
  • Possibility to edit videos, extract audio or take screenshots.
  • Great writing speed while retaining the highest quality.

How MacX DVD Ripper Pro works

Good. This great program is not only good for what it is capable of doing. There are many programs that allow us to rip our DVDs with great quality, but not everyone is so intuitive as the main program of this post. For a hassle-free conversion, we will follow these steps that are already indicated on the main screen of the program:

  1. We click on the DVD logo.
  2. We select the route where the ripped video will be saved and the format in which we want to save it.
  3. We click on RUN and wait for the conversion to finish.

As you can see in the previous screenshot, MacX DVD Ripper Pro also allows us to manage videos with ISO extension. Files with an ISO extension are CD images and are named because they reflect exactly what is on a CD or DVD. For example, when we download a free operating system such as Ubuntu (everyone who imagines the situation you prefer), what we will download will be an ISO image that we can burn to a DVD, although it may be best to manage it with a program that allows us to make an installation from a USB drive, such as UNetbootin.

This option is perfect if we have saved a video with an ISO extension sometime in the past or someone we know passes a movie in ISO format and we want to convert it to a format that can be played on any computer. It also allows us to make the way there, that is, pick up an original DVD and save it as an ISO image. Once created, we can play that ISO from the Mac itself with any compatible player (there are not many), although it is more logical to think that we save that CD image as a backup. Whatever the reason we want to create or decompress an ISO, MacX DVD Ripper Pro will be able to manage it, as long as what is inside that CD image is a file that contains video content.

The program offers many more options than those exposed at this point and that is why it is considered one of the best programs to rip a DVD on Mac, but we would need to publish a much more extensive post to cover them all.

How to get MacX DVD Ripper Pro and MacX MediaTrans Free

  1. We go to the website of the promotion. From there you can participate to get your copy of MacX DVD Ripper Pro or MacX MediaTrans, the program with which you can transfer multimedia files between iOS devices and the Mac.
  2. We put an email in the dialog box. It is worth putting a real email to send us the license key, although that key came to me in the .zip that I downloaded.
  1. We click on “Get License Code”.
  2. Next, we click on “Giveaway Version”.
  1. We download the file you will offer.
  2. Unzip the file downloaded in the previous step.
  3. The next step is to install the file in the DMG.
  4. Next, we open MacX DVD Ripper Pro. It will be in trial version.
  5. Finally, we activate the program using the license key that they have included in the .zip that we downloaded in step 5. UPDATED: the password came to me in the .zip, but some users ensure that it must arrive by mail.

I didn't want to say goodbye without reminding you that until day 1 you can get copies of MacX DVD Ripper Pro totally free. And if the handicap of not being able to install future updates convinces you, you can take advantage of the current offer with updates for life for only € 19.95, which is nothing less than a saving of € 30. Without a doubt, it is a great offer for any user who wants to take advantage of all the benefits of this great program with everything it can offer right now and in the future. Are you one of them?

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