Manufacturers believe with certainty that iPad Pro will bring USB-C

Only a few hours ago the media received in their inboxes the invitation to the new special event of Apple. It will take place on October 30 in New York, a place that Apple does not have us very accustomed. However, it is expected to be a event with many new products like the iPad Pro 2018, new MacBook and a redesign of the AirPods.

A Japanese media that has attended the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair 2018 has confirmed that many accessory manufacturers comment with certainty that The new iPad Pro 2018 will come with USB-C connectivity. In this way, Apple would remove the Lightning connector from its devices, for the first time since its presentation in 2012.

IPad Pro 2018 will bring USB-C connectivity

Years ago the charging port of Apple mobile devices was modified. We move from the original 30-pin connector to a new faster port that Apple called Lightning After 6 years on the iPad, we could say goodbye to this connector to welcome the USB-C. The rumors sound strongly from this summer and, after the announcement of the keynote by the big apple, reports and analysis of new products predict the arrival of USB-C connectivity to the iPad.

The goal of bringing this connectivity to your tablets is unknown, but it is expected to be related to the idea of Professionalize your products. With the USB-C, the iPad could connect to 4K screens, which would be really good for those users who use the terminal for the professional sector. In addition, with the recent announcement of Adobe Photshop, integrating one more screen could be very beneficial.

The Mac Otakara media attended the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Fair 2018 and said they heard on multiple occasions that the next iPad will have this connection to charge the devices and transfer data. In addition, many manufacturers showed some sketches of their coming products. On the other hand, the diagram in which the measurements of the new iPad Pro are reflected.

This graphic shows that the bezels of both models could have 6 millimeters, and that the smaller device could have a thickness of just 5.6 mm, a really incredible size for a product of this nature.

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