Modify the location and date of your photographs easily with MetaTrixter

Every time we make a capture with our smartphone, thanks to metadata, we can know, at any time, where and when we have made the capture. This information is subsequently used, both by the Photos application of our iPhone and in the Mac version, in order to automatically create albums.

In addition, it also allows us to locate quickly and easily all the photographs we have taken in a certain place, so that we can find all the images of our vacation simply by browsing the map offered by the Photos application. Our iPhone is usually quite accurate when noting the GPS coordinates of our location when we take a capture. However, sometimes it can fail.

If once we are enjoying the images of our last trip, we find that its location is not correct, we can use the MetraTrixter application, an application with which we can Quickly modify the GPS coordinates of our photographs as well as the date and time they were taken.

This application also allows us add GPS coordinates along with the date and time of the photographs that we have stored on our device, so that we will not be forced to use desktop applications to add the location from where they were taken.

If you occasionally use a digital camera to take pictures, If it does not have a GPS sensor, Through this application you can add their location quickly and easily, as long as you have enough space in iCloud to copy the photos and from the iPhone add this information.

MetaTrixter is available for free for download. The only negative point that the application has, at least for iPad users, is that the application is only available for iPhone, although we can download it on the iPad, but the user interface is designed for the iPhone exclusively.


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