Mophie launches a travel pack to charge the iPhone wirelessly

The manufacturer of battery cases and other accessories for Apple devices, has just presented a new travel pack, the Charge Stream Travel Kit, a pack that includes everything you need to charge our iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus when we travel, although we can also use it to charge any other device compatible with wireless charging.

When we go on a trip, the iPhone charger is always something that we don't have to forget, like the cable, but we want to have to look for a store in the country we visit to use our device. The pack that Mophie offers us, allows us to transport in one place, everything necessary.

Thus we will avoid losing the charger or the cable through the suitcase. This pack of Mophine, offers us a 5W wireless charger, specifically the Charge Stream Pad Mini, a wireless charging model that can be connected to a 2.4A wall socket or to the car cigarette lighter adapter. The cable that connects to the charger is 50 centimeters (very short I would say) and offers us a USB-A port and another micro-USB that connects directly to the base of Mophie.

All these components are perfectly organized in a case, which allows us to store everything necessary to go on a trip with our iPhone X, iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus in one place. Already on, and due to the slowness offered by the 5w wireless charging, when the iPhone is compatible with up to 7.5W, could have added a lightning cable, by the time we are in a hurry and we cannot wait for the iPhone, regardless of the model, to charge.

The Mophie Charge Stream Travel Kit is priced at $ 49.95 and is available on its website. But if you only want the Charge Stream Pad Mini available in this pack, you can get it independently for $ 24.95.

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