Moshi Porto 5K, battery and wireless charger, all in one

Moshi always surprises us with everyday products but with a peculiar design that is the house's brand. And with its new external battery with wireless charging has not been different. Away from those boring rectangular batteries its Porto Q 5K offers us a practical solution with a careful design.

But this cannot hide all the technology that it includes, Very successful decisions such as the inclusion of a USB-C connector and an additional USB port to also recharge via cable. All the details, below.

The design of this Moshi Porto Q 5K battery is aptly elongated. With the size and shape of today's smartphones it is the most successful design, but also opt for a more rounded profile than similar products from other brands. With many similar devices the difficult thing is to get the exact position for your iPhone to charge when placed on top, however the shape of this Porto 5K makes it difficult to place your iPhone badly.

The upper part is finished in gray textile material (there are no other color options), something that seems to be becoming fashionable and that I personally like, since it looks like anything but a technological gadget, ideal to place it on your desk without attracting attention. A rubber ring prevents your iPhone from sliding while charging on the surface.

Another thing I appreciate on these devices is that there are no flashy LEDs. Only a few small LEDs on the side that are activated by the button next to it and that they indicate the remaining battery in the device, and a front LED that indicates that your iPhone is charging. None of them have an intensity that can bother, even by the utmost darkness.

You can recharge your iPhone or any smartphone compatible with the Qi standard just by placing it on top, but it also has a conventional 2.4A USB port that will allow you to recharge your tablet, a portable speaker or another smartphone. The battery is recharged using a USB-C cable, another great success to dispense with the increasingly insulted microUSB. By the way, a USB-A to USB-C cable is included in the box. Its 5,000mAh capacity makes it possible to recharge up to twice the majority of smartphones, and its wireless recharge power is 5W.

Speaking of a brand like Moshi, it goes without saying that it complies with all the safety standards stipulated in the Qi standard, but it also has a security system that prevents the recharging of your iPhone if there is any object that interferes, like some metal part that can cause damage to your smartphone. It allows you to recharge your iPhone even with cases up to 5mm thick.

Editor's Opinion

The accessories for your smartphone do not always have to have that “boring” aspect of technological products, nor why attract attention with raucous colored LEDs, and Moshi knows how to do that better than anyone. Its external battery Porto Q 5K is a perfect example of this, and with its 5,000mAh capacity it will allow you to recharge your iPhone wherever you are both wirelessly and through a cable. Its price is € 84.95 on the Moshi website (link), with free shipping.

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 84.95


  • Design and finishes
  • Wireless charging Qi and USB 2.4A
  • LED charge remaining
  • Small size
  • USB-C port for recharging

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