Ms wireless battery case for your iPhone X / XS from Mbuynow

Surely more than one of you has run out of battery on the iPhone at some point. Today we have external and similar batteries that allow us to charge our devices wherever we go, but The main problem with this type of batteries is that we need the Lightning cable to load

In this case, what we have on the table is a battery case that is connected to the device without any cable, via Wireless. All we have to do is place a small case on the iPhone and then add the battery to allow us charge the iPhone about 4 or 5 times without problem. And also just for being a reader of this website you can buy it with a 20% discount; Later we will tell you how.

What is added in the box

Well, what is added is basically what we need, little else. The quick guide to use, the case itself of a material similar to the somewhat rigid TPU or silicone and the iPhone charging battery, nothing more. The good thing is that with this case we don't need anything else to have a range of up to four times that of the iPhone itself, which is said soon.

You want it? Well, to buy it you just have to click here, enter Amazon and use the discount code E6GUHPA7 and the final price will be reduced by 20%, from € 24.99 to only € 19.99 A super price!

Manufacturing materials and specifications

We have to say that although it is not a high-priced product, the case is well designed and fits perfectly with the iPhone. The front of the case reaches the glass just so that to leave the iPhone with the screen towards the table it may be directly touched and this is a negative point. The materials of the case are good and inside we find a kind of velvet that will protect the back of the iPhone.

The part of the battery that we have to charge adds the wireless logo in the center, is magnetized for proper placement and on the back It has a pin to leave the iPhone resting on the table horizontally and in this way to see our series, movies or whatever on a table without having to put up with the device.

In the specifications of this battery case 177g of the set stand out (to which we must add the weight of the iPhone) so we are not talking about a product that weighs little. Then its dimensions are 14.2 x 6.9 x 1.1 cm which means that it has the measures of the iPhone but will give a considerable thickness when we place the rear battery. Somehow it reminds me a little of the devices that employees in the Apple Store carry to charge us for the products, though, with a more rounded shape and much less thickness.

We are talking about a 5,000 mAh lithium-ion battery so do not expect it to be a case that leaves your iPhone slim, the thickness of the device is considerable but in your favor we can say that we will have a spectacular autonomy to withstand anything.

Price and discount code for you

The price of this case with battery for iPhone X / Xs of the firm Mbuynow is 24.99 euros at Amazon. For iPhone News readers we have a 20% discount code that is sure to be great, so once added to the basket enter the code E6GUHPA7 and we will be left for less than 20 euros.

Clarify that All tests of this case have been performed on an iPhone X, but the manufacturer adds the iPhone XS as compatible so if you have one of the new iPhone models and want more battery you can buy this wireless case.

Editor's Opinion

  • Editor rating
  • 4 star rating

€ 19.99 to € 24.99


  • Easy to use
  • Quality of materials
  • Value for money


  • Add weight and thickness to the iPhone

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