Netflix raises prices from next month

After the announcement made this morning in the United States we all expected this news from the rest of countries where Netflix is ​​present: from November the most famous video on demand service in the world will raise its prices. Two of the three subscription fees available to Netflix will see their prices increased by 10 and 16%, making us have to scratch our pockets a little more.

Netflix has become one of the best known streaming services worldwide and without a doubt the permissiveness when it comes to sharing our account has contributed to it in an important way. The company is confident that the price increase will not influence the number of subscribers ensuring that the increase in the catalog not only in quantity but also in quality will more than compensate for this price increase.

Right now Netflix prices in its different sections is € 7.99 for the basic plan that only allows us a screen and without high definition, € 9.99 for the two-screen plan and high definition and € 11.99 for the four-screen plan and 4K resolution. With the upload the basic plan is not affected, but the intermediate one costs € 10.99 (1 more than now) and the higher one goes up to € 13.99 (€ 2 more). The exact date of the upload will depend on the billing cycle of each user, but the company will start sending the emails informing of the price increase starting in the middle of this month, so in November it is expected to be effective.

How will the price increase affect the number of subscribers? No change in this regard is welcome as much as the catalog improves, but the company is confident that the inevitable loss of subscribers will be more than compensated by higher revenues for the increase in fees. Also trust the loyalty of its users who are accustomed to enjoying the Netflix catalog where they want and when they want they will hardly leave them. The competition at the moment is not too high, with an HBO whose catalog is still very scarce in comparison, and an Amazon Prime Video that does not finish taking off.

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