Netgear Arlo Baby Camera is compatible with Apple HomeKit

It seems that the edition of this CES 2018 is having several protagonists. We knew that home automation and connected products would have a great presence at the technology fair that opens every new year. But what we could not expect is that all companies with these products added all at once Apple HomeKit protocol support.

The next to do so, after Belkin with its WeMo products, is Netgear. This company, which already has several products connected in its particular catalog, will now make its Arlo Baby Camera can be controlled from an iOS device; that is to say: both an iPhone and an iPad.

Soon, users of this camera connected to babies can be controlled from the iPhone using, for example, Siri, the popular assistant of Cupertino. From then on, the user can say: «Hey, Siri, show me my baby». With that command, the camera will be able to send streaming videos with HD quality.

Remember that this Arlo Baby Camera surveillance camera for babies is available for a price of 279 euros on Amazon. In addition, it is a fairly customizable product. You can give it a more childish look has different carcasses in the form of animals So children don't get scared. And, incidentally, it looks good in the decoration of the room.

Also, this surveillance camera is capable of recording at night via infrared; store everything in the cloud for 7 days; you can measure the air quality of the home or the room in particular It has a speaker with which to play music so that the little ones fall asleep much faster.

HomeKit seems to be the standard to be achieved by all manufacturers. They know that the iPhone is a star product and that increasingly gets more market share. So being present on Apple's mobile platform can make it scratch a wider market share.

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