New colors for iPhone and Apple Watch cases

In this case we have the new colors for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cases, along with three new models and colors of straps that were already seen by the Nike online store for Apple Watch a few days ago and are now available in the official Apple store.

There are more and more new models and colors that we have available in the Apple store and it is true that the variety is tasteful, so we can say that we love that Apple adds new colors and models to the huge existing catalog.

The new silicone case models for the iPhone are: Hibiscus, soft yellow and ocean green. Its price is 45 euros in the Apple store and from now we can buy them from the company's own website and receive them at home on December 4 or the same day pick it up in the official stores of the firm.

On the other hand the Nike belts that could be seen directly in the Nike store and that are now also available to users of the Apple store, these are the colors: Light turquoise sport, military green and smoked mauve. These new belts can also be found in the Nike Sport Loop model, at a price of 59 euros each.

We do not really buy more straps or covers for the price of these, we go to third-party stores and buy these accessories with a really ridiculous price compared to Apple. But against these covers and belts Apple have spectacular quality that we can not compare with these third-party accessories. In any case the variety of colors and models will always be welcome.

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