New details are revealed on how we will control the HomePod

Less and less is left for Apple to launch the HomePod for sale, and it shows in the environment. The news about the units sent to Apple for distribution, about obtaining the FCC certification essential to start the sale in the United States and now the screenshots of how we will control the Apple speaker and its settings They are clear proof that at any time it will appear in the Apple Store.

Contrary to what happens with the Apple Watch, This new device will not have its own application, but it will be controlled within the Home application, something logical considering that it can be used as a HomeKit central. We show you below the screenshots with the controls and some configuration options, as well as the volume control that will appear on the top screen of the HomePod.

These images have been shared by the iGeneration website and in them we can see how you can activate or deactivate the LED screen on the top of the HomePod, modify the Siri sound or deactivate the tap to invoke option to the virtual assistant of Apple. The accessibility options for the Apple speaker will not be missing. We can even several the necessary pressure to activate the touch surface that will serve to directly control the speaker without the need of the iPhone.

The upper screen, which will generally show the characteristic wave image of Siri, will vary depending on the function we are exercising at each moment. In this image we can see part of that screen showing the volume control of the HomePod. To all these revealed data we must now add the detail that Apple will allow several users to control the HomePod, although the main one will be the one with the associated Apple ID and who can perform advanced functions such as sending messages, others may perform other functions such as starting music playback by voice commands.

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