New version of Bose QuietComfort gets rid of cables

At this point, I can not imagine a single person surprised when Apple announces that the iPhone 7 / Plus when they do not include a 3.5mm headphone port. And there have been many rumors, manufacturers of accessories and even comments from people who are dedicated to the world of sound that suggest that the time has come to make changes. The last to do so has been the brand Bose and he has done it by launching the QuietComfort 35, headphones wireless.

The QuietComfort 35, available for € 379.95They are practically the same as the previous model, headphones that were already very good but that had what for some would be the handicap of the cables, and I say "for some" because others think that sound will always travel better on a physical path That flying through the air. As it can not be otherwise in quality headphones such as those manufactured by Bose, the QC35 also include technology Noise Cancellation.

QuietComfort 35, very good, beautiful, but not so cheap

According to Bose, the QC35 have a 20 hour autonomy, which is not bad at all, but it is more or less the same autonomy offered by other quality wireless headphones. In any case, they are two hours more than what the Parrot Zik promise, at least in their second version.

When rumors began that Apple would not include the 3.5mm headphone port from iPhone 7, I remember reading an opinion piece that said it was a positive step, since that would force headphone manufacturers to improve their products and also the connections, not to mention that we can finally enjoy the digital sound and set aside a connector that was born in the 19th century. It remains to be seen if all that is accomplished and, what seems more important, if Apple decides to use the USB-C.

It may be a coincidence, but many say that the coincidence does not exist and that Bose has launched these headphones three months before the presentation of an iPhone that almost certainly will not use 3.5mm port does nothing but add more firewood to the fire.

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