Newton updates and makes a guide to Stranger Things

Newton is the email application that Cloud Magic became, becoming paid. With all this, it has undergone a series of changes and modifications that justify the price, and today a great update has arrived. This will be dedicated not only to solve past mistakes, but also to add new features such as two-step verification, a security measure that may seem necessary for many, and that is that we are talking about an email manager, the fundamental part of the job of many people and in which there may be very relevant information. Stay with us and find out what's new in Newton Mail for iOS.

As for the news, the verification is finally presented in two steps, protecting our account through a code system by SMS or call. On the other hand, the read verification and mail tracking system Now it becomes individual for each of the emails sent. In this way, in Newton for iOS we can mark the emails to be notified when they are read.

We don't stay here, and we can disable this feature in Newton's email settings, not only for those sent, but also for those received. By last, welcome to Greece, since they include specific support for this country.

In the framework of the solution of errors, we say goodbye to the loading problems when we were too long without accessing it (the inbox went crazy), improve Handoff performance, that we did not know since the arrival of iOS 10, and the classic errors in the notifications seem solved, although it is a problem that Newton has been dragging for some time, marking as unread some emails that really were.

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