No battery with iOS 11? Tips to improve the autonomy

iOS 11 has arrived, with everything good in the form of new features, and everything bad about an autonomy that specialized media are echoing. In iPhone News we were telling you with the Betas, however, it seems that Apple has not had time to improve it. Even so, We can still use some means with the intention of extending the autonomy of our iPhone with iOS 11 as much as possible.

We are going to give you some very relevant tips with which you can maximize the battery performance of your iPhone with iOS 11. Once again we are back with the best tips for your iPhone and iPad.

We will go in parts, since many of these saving measures you will know. However, it is true that there has hardly been a decrease in autonomy in devices such as the iPhone Plus range, and more slightly in the case of the iPhone 7. However, Devices that have been severely affected by this drain on battery consumption are the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6, as well as obviously his younger brothers, the iPhone SE and the iPhone 5s. The reality is that the overall performance of the device does not necessarily decrease, but that of the battery. So, we go there with the tips to improve the battery consumption we have for you.

Manage the Location

The location is one of the most decisive points, many users do not finish configuring this relevant aspect of the iPhone, and the reality is that it has an important battery of features that most mortals do not use for anything but that really have an appetite of insatiable battery. Therefore it is important that you go to Settings> Privacy> Location and start checking it out. It is important that you review what are the applications you use regularly, and especially that it has not activated in any application the use of location "Always", since this means that the application will constantly locate us, whether or not we open it.

Another determining point is to navigate to “System Services” and disable virtually all options, with special emphasis on frequent locations. In this way the phone will constantly stop positioning us with the intention of knowing where we are and without any need, it is one of the options that consumes the most battery.

The background update, an escape route

The background update is great for applications such as Telegram or Spark, because when we enter the application we will have the content directly loaded, without having to wait for the application to load the content. But this has a problem, There are applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram that use this feature without mercy for our battery, nor of course for our mobile data consumption. As it turns out that you have a couple of WhatsApp groups somewhat moved or have many notifications on Instagram, the chances are that your battery drains shockingly. To configure this aspect we will go to Settings> General> Background update, and we will have simple switches to select.

Control screen brightness

Many iOS 11 users have detected that brightness rises too strongly in circumstances that do not require it. The first step is to calibrate the automatic brightness in iOS 11, for this we will go to Settings> Accessibility> Display settings and inside we will have the automatic brightness. Then we will raise it to the maximum just before deactivating it, immediately we will go to the darkest section that we have within our reach and then we will proceed to activate the automatic brightness. If you see that it is not a solution, you will have no choice but to adjust the brightness manually until the next update.

Configure notifications

How necessary is it that certain applications are sending you notifications or are constantly connecting to push servers? As the reality is that almost the majority of users have unnecessary notifications activated, so we recommend that you go to the Notification Center and really configure those applications that you want to be notified on the lock screen, that you assign to others only the number in the icon, or even prevents you from being notified outside the application. It seems ineffective, but the reality is that reducing the frequency with which the phone connects to servers saves a lot of battery, especially if you usually travel by public transport such as the Metro where coverage is usually deficient.

Without more, these are our main recommendations so you can get more out of your battery with iOS 11, meanwhile, we have little more to wait for iOS 11.0.1.

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