Noise is detected during calls with iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Multiple users of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus they are starting to report annoying noises when they make calls from their devices. Apparently these noises come from phone headset and it has even been detected in some cases that it can also come from the speaker thereof.

Although those reported bugs are a minority, we will detail below these failures with the sound and clear any doubts that may arise regarding its stability as Apple's flagship product at the day of the launch of this article.

Noises during calls with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

As some users have reported when they are making a call, with the iPhone 8 Plus, a unpleasant noise and annoying for the correct compression of the call, which its origin is unknown.

This noise has been detected both when we make the call in a normal way, with the terminal attached to our ear and also when we activate the speaker mode in this call, although the latter has not been reported too much. As for the applications that produce it, it seems, they are all. That is, those calls in which a WiFi connection, a connection 4G or similar or just a voice call.

Of course, as we say, when we use third-party applications, which give us the ability to make calls VoiceIP, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, but it has also been detected that even in the native app of Facetime The noise is still present.

In addition, it is indifferent where we are at the time of making the call, whether in a closed place or in an open space, the noise persists and continues to interfere with the call. An iPhone 8 Plus user with this problem has stated the following detailing how the noise is and when it is perceived:

It is a sharp crack, like an audio burst that happens in the speaker of the upper handset intermittently during calls. Some calls are fine and others with noise. It is not audible in the headphones or the speaker, only through the earpiece. The person who receives the call does not listen. I don't know if this is the hardware or the software, but one thing that made me think that it is related to the software is that if you switch to the speaker for a few seconds and then go back to the headset, the cracks are resolved for the duration of the rest of the the call. If this were a hardware problem with the headset, doing this should not make a difference.

Software Failure

Apple has already noticed this bug and sent some solutions that could indicate that the failure is not caused by the hardware but quite the opposite. The fault seems to be located in the software So you are already looking for a way to solve it. At the moment, the only solution that is being given in this regard is restore the device to factory settings and start a startup process with our iCloud backup.

Despite these reported failures, most users who have been able to acquire this terminal, have not detected this problem so it is not an alarming fact. To date, only data on this fault are known in U.S, but if you are an iPhone 8 Plus user in Spain and have noticed some strange noise, write us in the comments to know more about the problem.

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