Parrot Mambo, analysis of a surprising mini drone

The world of mini drones is a real madness when choosing a model because the variety of specifications and prices is huge, and in many cases the huge disappointment. Not all drones that we can find at affordable prices meet expectations, either due to manageability or autonomy and many cases soon after using them are stored in a box to forget them. The Parrot Mambo does not fall into this category, because Although its price is somewhat higher than average, it will not disappoint anyone looking for an easy-to-handle drone and that offers hours of fun.

Acceptable autonomy, enough speed to be fun but at the same time not to lose manageability, the possibility of using it with your iPhone or iPad, stability envied by most drones in its category and accessories such as a small plastic ball gun or tweezers to pick up and drop objects Lightweight are some of the features of this mini drone that is more than ideal for those looking for an affordable model but with superior performance.

Design and specifications

Used to other more original Parrot designs, this Mambo will not surprise anyone, having a fairly conventional look, but that does not have to be anything bad. Of course, as soon as you have it in your hands, notes that it is not a model of those bought in the Chinese. Compact and resistant, it has an ideal size for indoor use, with only 18x18cm and a weight of 63 grams.

One of the most surprising aspects when you start to handle the drone is its stability, especially indoors. This is due to the good number of sensors available to this small drones: Three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope, inertial sensor, ultrasonic, barometric sensor and even a camera at the bottom which not only serves to capture photographs but also helps the entire sensor system maintain horizontal stability.

In the box of the Parrot Mambo we will not only find the drone but also find a small gun, a small bag with plastic pellets and tweezers, in addition to the battery and the charger cable with microUSB connector. This gun and tweezers are the most differentiated elements of this toy and help the fun go beyond simply enjoying the drone handling. They are attached as Lego pieces on top of the drone. Its functions are as expected: the gun fires the pellets, the tweezers allow carrying light objects and releasing them.

Configuration and operation

What we will not find inside the box is a control knob. The Parrot Mambo is controlled by your smartphone or tablet, thanks to the Freeflight Mini application that is available for both iOS and Android. The connection between both devices is made via Bluetooth, with a distance that reaches up to 20 meters according to the manufacturer's specifications. The configuration is very simple and the connection between smartphone / tablet with the Mambo is made from the application itself. Turn on the drone, open the application on your phone or tablet and wait for the link to occur, and you can start operating the device.

The application gives you information about the remaining battery of the drone, it will allow you to view the photos taken with the lower camera and download them to your device and of course you can control it by means of on-screen controls that perfectly simulate a conventional control knob. You have certain configuration options by changing the type of control and speed of some drone movements, if after a while the handling seems too simple.


It is very easy to handle this small drone even if you have never had experience in controlling these devices. As simple as the application It allows you to even take off and land automatically by pressing a button on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. As if this seemed little you can even launch your Parrot Mambo from your hand and start flying. As before we indicated the stability of the drone is really amazing without twists or oscillations in height when you're indoors. On the outside the thing changes a little, especially if there is some wind. In the video I show you in more detail all the functions offered by the control application.

It is an ideal drone for indoor use because of its size and manageability. Even a 10 year old can handle it after a little training and perform pirouettes without fear of collision with walls or any other object. Of course, you have to get used to that little lag between the order that you transmit from your iPhone and the action of the drone. There is a small delay in the orders you give to the Mambo that at first is annoying, but which you soon get used to and learn to compensate. It seems that this is solved with the optional control knob that you can buy for just € 35, but I have not been able to verify it for not having it.

The virtues you enjoy indoors do not move outside, unless there is no wind. Because of its size, it is not even a drone that can tolerate very good winds, not even loose ones, which does not mean that it is not manageable outside the home, but you will have to learn to control it well and compensate for the effect that the wind will have on the small drone . The icing on the cake is the pirouettes that you can do with the push of a button on the screen of your phone, a delight for the little ones of the house. The battery meets the expected, about 9 minutes if you do not place any accessories, which makes it almost obligatory to buy another extra battery if you do not want to keep the honey on your lips. In the model sent to us for review, a second battery with a charger was included.

Cannon, clamps and camera

It is quite common to find a drone with a camera, almost even mandatory even in the cheapest ones, but having a small barrel and tweezers is something quite unexpected. They are two accessories that will not be decisive for the purchase of the Parrot Mambo, or at least they should not be, but that add a plus that allows you to enjoy it even more. They also pose a challenge for drone handling, because aiming and hitting with this small plastic ball gun is not easy, just like taking any element with the tweezers.

These small accessories are placed in just a few seconds on the top of the Mambo using the drone's battery for operation. Keep in mind that in addition to the energy expenditure by these accessories, the weight gain causes the Parrot Mambo's battery to suffer considerably when placed. It is fun to use them, especially for the little ones at home, but remember that the plastic pellets that come are limited and that you should look for them and collect them for the fun to last.

We cannot say the same about the camera, which is almost anecdotal with a resolution of only 0.3 Mpx, which is not enough. The photos are almost always moved, with very muted colors and as soon as there is little light as much noise. But for this price we can not ask for an HD camera, so the best thing we can do is use it as it is, a toy with which to make funny and funny photos that you will not use as your computer wallpaper but that can give a laugh.

Editor's Opinion

The Parrot Mambo is a mini drone that stands out from the rest thanks to its stability and ease of handling. Ideal for driving indoors, not so much outdoors, and perfect for those who want an easy-to-handle drone that guarantees hours of fun, it also has the addition of a small plastic ball cannon and tweezers that help you enjoy even more. The customization of the controls within the application for iOS and Android allow you to add some difficulty for those who want something more advanced. For an approximate price of € 99 on Amazon it is a purchase more than recommended for those who wish to start in this world or make a good gift.

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  • Parrot Mambo
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  • Very stable and easy to handle
  • Controllable from smartphone and tablet
  • Good materials and design
  • Ideal for indoor
  • Cannon and pliers to add fun


  • More complicated control outdoors with wind
  • Low quality camera
  • Small delay in controls
  • Almost forced a second battery

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