Pebble announces that the available watches will maintain their functions

The controversy looms over Pebble. A company from which a server had been announcing the disappearance for months, and which ended up being confirmed a few weeks ago when Fitbit confirmed the purchase of the company. And it was more than obvious that Pebble could not keep up with the production and sales at these prices, in an incipient market that was offering watches with more functionalities and lower prices. Of course, Pebble has been maintained for a while by a fleet of loyal users who followed the launches together. Definitely, Pebble has announced that it should not spread panic, as current Pebble watches will continue to maintain their functions.

Today has been when Pebble has announced through a huge post on his blog that the current services of his watches will continue to work, at least one more year. It seems that Pebble is going to limit himself to complying with what is legally established so as not to face legal problems, but that he does not plan to extend too much. Fitbit is a company that makes other types of wearables, something different from what Pebble offers, so we imagine that the only thing that Pebble is interested in will be its engineers and its industry. However, We would not be surprised by a Fitbit watch that could break the market at competitive prices.

In short, Fitbit will keep Pebble's software and services during 2017, but they don't talk about the following years to come. To be clear, it seems that they are going to limit themselves to maintaining the information on the servers, but any type of update or future development will disappear completely to improve or better implement what is currently sold. Definitely, Pebble's death is going to be slow and agonizing, but at least they will not leave users thrown overnight.

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