Philips Hue is updated by adding switches with dimmer and motion sensors

Little by little we are seeing how developers and manufacturers launch new products compatible with the HomeKit Apple, the development kit to control smart devices from our iDevices, Apple's home automation for us to understand. Some smart accessories that are slowly becoming cheaper and accessories that are becoming much smarter and with new features.

And some of these accessories compatible with HomeKit are Philips Hue accessories, undoubtedly the most interesting. Hue accessories among which we find all kinds of light bulbs, switches, endless accessories related to intelligent lighting. Some Hue that were updated to add new functions for control through the Apple Home app. After the jump we give you all the details of this new update of smart accessories compatible with the HomeKit from Apple, Philips Hue.

A very interesting update since in addition to improving the overall operation of Philips Hue accessories, now also we can control the scenes of the Apple Home app with Dimmer switches (switches that will allow us to vary the intensity of our bulbs), in addition to being able to use the motion sensors of our devices for them to operate Hue accessories.

This is what they tell us in the update log of the new update of the Hue app for iOS, the new version 2.16.0:

  • HomeKit compatibility with Philips Hue accessories becomes much larger. Hue touches, Dimmer switches, and Hue motion sensors. Something that will make the touch of a button, or even the movement of our body, activate our favorite scenes of the Apple Home app. To configure these automations we will need a 4th generation Apple TV with tvOS 10, or an iPad with iOS 10 or later.
  • Configure third party actions. Now we will see a new section called “From other applications” added to “Routines”. Here we can activate, deactivate, or delete routines created with other applications.
  • Improvements in Software updates. A new section called "Automatic Update" has been added to the software update settings. Now we can activate and specify the hours to perform automatic updates and check if our Hue have the latest version.
  • Reset your Hue to factory settings. If you have configured a Hue with a third-party app and check that it does not work properly, you can restore your Hue to factory settings by finding this possibility in the Hue accessory details menu.
  • Small changes have been made to the design of the icon and the interface of the app.

As you know, the Philips Hue app is an app completely free and universal, so you can use it in any of your iDevices, you can even control your Hue devices from the Apple Watch app. An application to configure your Hue and that is perfectly compatible with the Apple Home app in addition to the HomeKit. If you have any Hue device, do not hesitate to install this update for your iDevices.

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