Phillips presents the Hue bulbs update, the big jump they needed

If you have tried any smart device compatible with the HomeKit from Apple you will have noticed how far Apple's mobile devices are capable. Be careful because they hook, home automation within reach of our iPhone was something unthinkable a few years ago, and the truth is that the idea of ​​setting up your home from your iPhone or iPad is really fun.

And it seems that Phillips wants to continue to vitamin his famous Hue, a more than necessary update that has just been presented at CES. Hue 3.0 arrives to make our smart bulbs even smarter devices. After the jump we give you all the details of this great update of Phillips Hue.

We say that it is probably the most necessary update because Phillips will launch two new applications. Phillips Hue 3.0 is not new, it is the third update of the application that we already knew, yes, now we will have a completely redesign, the return of the circular color viewer, and the possibility of synchronizing our lights with the games that we use The latter is probably the most interesting since it is due to the Phillips collaboration with Razer boys.

The other great application aims to synchronize with our Macs, and this believe me that it is really interesting since it means being the ambilight of our Macs. With Hue Sync you can illuminate your environment with the colors you have on the screen of your Macs, something that can be very useful when you are watching a movie or even working with video or design tools and thus create a more relaxed work environment. Now we just have to wait a little longer, this update of the applications of the Hue de Phillips will arrive in the second quarter of this 2018, yes, as we say it is worth waiting for since we are facing a great update that will carry your Hue bulbs to another level

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