Power Lens by LightPix Labs, a wireless charger with a pancake lens

Do you like photography? Do you need a charger for your new iPhone that uses Qi technology? Right now you will be wondering what both questions have to do with each other. And the answer is the latest invention presented by LightPix Labs: the Power lens.

It is a wireless charger compatible with Qi technology; that is, the technology used, among others, mobile phones such as the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X. In other words: a charger that will allow you to charge your terminal without using a cable for it; It will pose and start charging. And what's so special? Well, it has the design of a camera lens type "pancake" or cookie.

On the other hand, and following in the world of photography, this Power Lens offers another feature that you will love if you are a photography lover. And if you want, every time you pose your iPhone on this charger will make a very particular sound: as if the shutter was working. Although for you to understand it better, we recommend that you watch the video that accompanies this article. You can also cancel this sound at any time: the LightPix Labs Power Lens has a switch on one of its sides.

Meanwhile, the company also warns that its Power Lens supports fast charging being able to get loads 1.5 times faster than conventional ones. As it says in its specifications, it can offer loads of up to 10W. Although quiet, it is compatible with the 5W market standard.

This Power Lens by LightPix Labs is a perfect gift for those photography lovers who want to have only elements with this practice on their worktable. If you already have a lens-shaped cup, this charger cannot resist you. Its price is 34 dollars (about 28 euros to change).

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