Review Creative iRoar Go, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker

More and more Bluetooth speakers in the market and we are increasingly demanding with the specifications we ask for this type of gadgets. Not only do we want to listen to our music without wires, we also want to listen to it with the best possible quality, for many hours and outdoors, so “water resistance” is becoming another fundamental requirement. What Bluetooth speaker does this offer us?

One of the options is the Creative iRoar Go that has passed through our hands and of which we tell all its secrets. Is it an option to consider? Lets go see it.

A classic, now with IPX6 resistance

The range of Roar speakers already has many models behind their backs. It began its journey in 2014 with the first generation and since then they have not stopped coming out models that further profile this product.

The essence in all remains: offer a sound quality well above average with a very complete connectivity and now also with water resistance according to the IPX6 standard. This means that it endures splashing water without problem.

To provide this water resistance, the Creative iRoar Go It has all the keypads to prevent the entry of liquids. The same goes for the ports that we find in the back and that are hidden by some covers, also of rubber, which must be properly closed to ensure a perfect seal.

It is clear that we no longer only want mobile phones with water resistance, now we also want to extrapolate it to all the accessories we use with it.

Sound quality

The Creative iRoar Go It has 5 drivers in which we can distinguish:

  • A center speaker dedicated to bass
  • Two lateral tweeters that handle mid and high frequencies
  • Two passive radiators that give more depth to the bass

Together, we have a Bluetooth speaker with a amazing sound quality. In general it works well with all kinds of musical styles and the built-in equalizer does magic just by pressing the button on the back, making the music seem more lively and that the sound is distributed much better in any direction of the room .

However, with the Creative iRoar Go I have the feeling that there has been a step back in sound quality compared to Roar 2. In this version of the speaker I notice the much higher forced frequencies in high volumes and in this type of products, more volume is not always better if that means that it is heard worse.

Still, at medium and high volumes (without going over) the Creative iRoar Go unfolds perfectly and it catches the attention of all those who pair their iPhone to listen to their favorite songs.


As I commented above, the section on Creative iRoar Go connectivity is exceptional. We have Bluetooth (version 4.2), NFC, a USB port to connect a pendrive, auxiliary input through 3.5 mm jack and microSD card slot.

As extras, this speaker also offers the hands-free function Thanks to its built-in microphone and is also compatible with the PS4, so we can use it as a speaker for the Sony console using a microUSB cable.

Finally, if we have a memory connected to the Creative iRoar Go we can use it as voice recorder just by pressing the REC button at the top.


Definitely, the autonomy section is one of the most important when we talk about a Bluetooth speaker.

On paper, the Creative iRoar Go promises a range of up to 12 hours. In practice we have been very close to reaching that value but it all depends on the volume we use to listen to music, the method of connecting the audio source, etc.

One thing you will like very much is that we can use the USB port on the back to charge the battery of our iPhone or iPad. The charging intensity is 1 Amp so the iPhone will charge fast while in the case of the iPad we will have to wait longer, although the issue is not to run out of music.

When the speaker is completely discharged, we use the built-in power adapter and wait for the charging cycle to complete.

Price and availability

The Creative iRoar Go is already available for 149.99 euros from the manufacturer's website, it is also a promotional offer that includes a gift cover.

Now that the good weather begins to come and we like to go to the pool, have parties in the garden or we run the risk of electronic devices getting wet, this speaker will make you completely forget about that problem.

That if, in case you are not going to make use of this water resistance, I would seriously consider buying a Roar 2 now that the offer on the Creative website is for 99.99 euros.

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 149.99


  • Connectivity
  • Waterproof
  • Finishes
  • Sound quality


  • We still have no remote control

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