Review of Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 headphones, quality at a good price

The second generation of Plantronics BackBeat Pro model comes with a renewed design, better weight and size specifications, and with sound quality and performance that are at the height of much higher priced headphones. Bluetooth connectivity, active noise cancellation, physical controls, hands-free function, excellent autonomy and ability to link to several devices to quickly switch between them These are just some of the peculiarities of these Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 that will make many people fall in love.

Excellent reach and autonomy

They are two of the most important features when we talk about wireless headphones, and the Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2 here not only approves, but they also take registration. An autonomy of up to 24 hours of continuous use, and the brand ensures that it can be in Standby mode for up to 6 months. I have not been able to verify one or the other data, but I have been able to verify that throughout the week I have used them as a single headset, to listen to podcasts, music, watch movies with Apple TV and I have not managed to completely end the battery, something hard to match. By the way, every time we connect them, the remaining battery will be indicated by a phrase (in English) that we will hear through the headphones.

If we talk about the reach of these headphones, the note achieved is also the maximum possible. The connection is very stable, without cuts, even in a room other than the device that emits the sound. If the BackBeat Pro 2 is connected to another compatible device, they can reach a range of up to 100 meters. In my particular case, connected to the iPhone 7 Plus, I can move around my house without connection problems, even to the room furthest from the smartphone.

Discreet but very comfortable design

It is clear that these BackBeat Pro 2 will not get a prize for the best design of the year. If you are accustomed to more striking headphones, these from Plantronics will seem poor in this aspect. At first glance they may not look like premium headphones, but as soon as you have them in your hand you will forget that there are no metallic finishes or other superfluous ornaments that sometimes only serve to justify too high prices or to hide poor benefits.

The padding of the cups and the headband is very comfortable and pleasant to the touch. The weight is quite tight, and They are not heavy at all after several hours of use, as is the case with the adjustment, which is just enough for you to move without moving from the right place, but do not squeeze like other models that end up being uncomfortable. Of course, they are not at all suitable for sports or for use in hot environments, because you will end up with sweat-soaked ears and also lack certification to resist moisture or sweat.

Physical controls for everything

The controls are well distributed over the two glasses of these headphones, with physical buttons for everything. The on and off button simultaneously acts as a switch to link new devices, and next to the button used to mute the microphone are in the right helmet. There we also find the LEDs that indicate the remaining battery, the microUSB connector for charging the headset and the jack connector for wired use regardless of Bluetooth connectivity. A large button in the center of the headset to invoke Siri when we connect it to iOS devices or to a Mac complete all the elements that we can find in this headset.

If we now look in the left handset we will see that we have playback controls to pause or resume, switch to song, the rotary volume control and the switch to activate the active noise cancellation or the “open mic” mode that allows you to hear what is there Around you. There is only one function that has no physical control, and it is the one that when you take off your headphones, playback is paused and when you put them on again you resume, which is done automatically without the possibility of activating or deactivating.

A sound that does not disappoint

Everything we have told so far is in the background in headphones if the sound does not meet expectations. These Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 do not disappoint, and the sound quality is downright good. If you compare them with Apple AirPods, the current reference for many for being the fashionable headphones although they play in another category, the difference in quality is very large. Comparing them to the Beats Solo2, the clarity of the sound offered by the Plantronics is much higher, with good bass but not as intense as the Beats, allowing you to perceive other details of the music that the Solo2 cover with such intense bass. Of course, this will depend on the taste of each and the music you listen to.

The active noise cancellation of the Backbeat Pro 2 helps a lot to enjoy music without distractions. Thanks to the switch that allows you to activate it or not, you can be isolated from your surroundings only when you want. Inside a room it will isolate you quite well from the ambient noise, but on the street do not expect total isolation, because you will continue to hear some noise if there is a lot of traffic, and of course if there are sirens or a horn that sounds. Even so, I had not used any headphones on the street with this type of cancellation I found it surprising how well it works.

They are not from Apple, but there is magic inside

It has been one of the things that has stood out most of the AirPods: the magic that Apple has included in them. Well, Plantronics has been able to use its weapons very well to get a very similar experience with its BackBeat Pro 2. By being able to connect to two devices at the same time you can easily use them with your iPhone and iPad, for example, or your iPhone and your Mac, and Switch between them easily. You may be listening to your favorite movie on your Mac that if you are called to the iPhone it will automatically stop playing on the computer and skip the call in your headphones

Another novelty of these BackBeat Pro 2 is that removing them from your ears will automatically pause playback that is in progress on the device connected via Bluetooth. When you put them back in place, playback will resume without pressing any button. This function makes the "open mic" option that they also include useless, which pauses playback and allows you to listen to the speaker without having to take your headphones off using the integrated microphone.

Two models with the same features

Plantronics offers you these BackBeat Pro 2 in two different versions. The “normal” model includes a normal carrying bag, along with the microUSB charging cable and the jack cable to be able to use them “wired” if you wish. The “SE” model costs approximately € 30 more and although the benefits of the headphones are the same (except the NFC of the latter), it does include a practical semi-rigid transport bag perfect to take them protected on your trips, a price premium that in my view is worth it if you plan to transport them often.

Editor's Opinion

  • Editor rating
  • 4.5 star rating

€ 249 to € 279


  • Excellent reach and autonomy
  • Up to two devices are connected at the same time
  • Very good sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear for hours
  • Carrying bag
  • Possibility to use with Jack cable


  • Not foldable
  • Unimpressive design

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