Ring unveils a security system connected to our iPhone

It is expected that with the arrival of HomeKit and all kinds of smart home systems our security will become something more and more unbreakable. However, it seems that companies are achieving the opposite, IoT products are proving to be notoriously vulnerable, but it's time to start working to improve the connected technology around us.

Ring knows, that's why it reveals a new product that aims to democratize the way we connect and secure our home in the easiest way possible, from our mobile phone. We are going to know a little more about this new product that could revolutionize home security.

Ring Protect is simply an alarm system that is completely connected to our iPhone, and not just because it has the typical application, but because it wants to turn the mobile phone into our warning and operations center. The first point against it is that Ring Protect is not compatible with HomeKit, the nth endorsement of the companies developing the Apple system, a movement that we do not quite understand, since making it compatible with HomeKit not only makes it easier to use, but would also captivate users of iOS.

This product will keep us informed from 199 euros at the time of purchase and then a plan of 100 euros per year. Thanks to this system we will have 24/7 protection with professional monitoring, in addition to the LTE connectivity that would certainly make it invulnerable to certain theft methods. It is much cheaper than the product Nest offers (direct competition). In addition, each of the extra detectors for both windows and motion would cost between twenty and thirty euros, which would allow us to save the usual alarm system and take advantage of a more modern and connected one that may increase the pockets.

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