Safari tricks to navigate much faster

For more opportunities we have given to other browsers, the reality is that Apple knows very well what it does with Safari for iOS, That is why it has always been the preferred alternative for its millions of users. This is how Safari has become a banner of navigation on Apple platforms.

However, prolonged use or certain failures can cause Safari not to run as fast as it should, especially in older terminals. That's why we are going to give you some tips so you can make the most of Safari and make it navigate much faster for your favorite websites.

We will make a small list of what are these most interesting tips, all of them are within the route of Safari, that is Settings> Safari, where we can customize our browser.

Tricks to optimize Safari

  • Use the option of Open links in a new tab, so you will not lose the site you were browsing
  • Choose an efficient search engine, in this case Google is the one that will optimize our searches for obvious reasons
  • Remove options from Suggestions of Siri and Search so that Safari does not execute too many tasks in the background
  • Disable Safari suggestions and keep only the search engine suggestions

Improve the browsing experience with Safari

  • Disable the frequent sites feature in Safari
  • Activate the function of block windows so that inrusive advertising does not open
  • Activate the function no tracking between sites and ask not to track me
  • From time to time it is recommended that we click on the option that appears in blue and is titled delete history and data from websites, this usually solves the navigation problems in iOS, although you must remember that if you use iCloud you may delete all the history in general.

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