Samsung and its Korean suppliers will dominate the iPhone 8 production line

Samsung and Apple have been on the war for quite some time, and in the end they are the brands that best devices do, yes that there are others that sell a lot, but if we take into account the quality of the devices, trying to forget about the stumbling blocks that both companies have ever had, Samsung and Apple are the best.

But as much as it may surprise you, Samsung takes care of many of the components that make up the iPhone (and almost all Apple devices) that you have in your hands. And it seems that this will continue to be so since several media confirm that Samsung and its main Korean suppliers, will be the main managers of the production chain of the next iPhone 8 …

A podium that, as we say, Samsung will head with its technology division, Samsung System LSI, and that shows whether we want it or not, nobody can deny the quality of the components of the Korean giant. These are all Possible participants in the construction of the iPhone 8:

  • Samsung System LSI—Samsung would handle the integrated display driver circuit, Besides of graphics processor of the iPhone 8 OLED screen.
  • STEMCO and LG Innotek—These providers will be responsible for providing the printed chip that connects all the integrated circuitry of the motherboard of the iPhone 8. In addition, LG Innotek could be responsible for providing modules camera for iPhone 8.
  • Interflex, BH and Samsung Electro-Mechanics—These providers will handle the flexible printed circuitry manufacturing of the next iPhone 8.
  • Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix—The signatures should be the suppliers of the microchips of NAND flash memory for iPhone 8.

After all this, the technological division of Samsung, Samsung System LSI, could have about benefits of up to 422 million dollars gThanks to the manufacture of these components necessary to operate the, more than possible, OLED screens of the next iPhone 8. Providers who will continue to trust the boys of Cupertino after having verified that others of China and Taiwan could not ensure the control standards required by Apple …

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