Satechi presents a dual charging base for the iPhone and Apple Watch

In Actualidad iPhone we have spoken in countless occasions of charging bases or stands to be able to charge in a very comfortable way both our iPhone and our iPad and Apple Watch. This type of charging base, some of which have the charger integrated, although most unfortunately do not, allows us to concentrate in a single place the space destined to load our gadgets.

In this way we avoid having always hanging the charging cables of our devices, with the risk involved, since we can step on them without realizing if we have pets, they can give a good account of them when they have nothing to do, something that has happened to me more than once. Satechi is the last manufacturer that launches such a device, of which we give you all the details after the jump.

Satechi has just presented at the CES that is being held these days in Las Vegas, the Smart Dual Charging Station, a charging base with which we can charge both our iPhone and our Apple Watch without having the charging cables hanging on the table. This charging station is customizable and allows us use it also to load other Apple products such as the Apple Pencil or the Siri Remote.

According to the manufacturer, this charging base is capable of offering 15w of power and assures us that at no time will it suffer any short circuit or unwanted heating that can cause damage to the device. The Satechi charging base allows us to easily hide the cables in the base structure, something that many charging bases cannot say. The Smart Dual Charging Station is priced at $ 64.99 and will hit the market this spring and uses a USB-C connection.

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