Senator Feinstein reveals what the FBI spent on unlocking the San Bernardino iPhone

A little over a year ago when in the city of Saint Bernardine, California, two alleged Yihaidists attempted a terrorist act against 14 innocents, a very popular attack for all the consequences that it brought with it to the technological world. And is that one of the attackers had a iPhone with him and after being struck down FBI tried by all means to unlock the device to try to get the data I had and thus try to keep track of the origin of the attack. Something quite controversial since the unlocking had to be done carefully to avoid auto-deletion of it, if this auto-erase was activated to avoid unlocks due to accumulation of erroneous passwords.

The FBI turned to Apple to try to unlock the iPhone claiming national security issues, but ran into the Apple negative, there is no way to unlock the device if the password is not known, they themselves confirmed that they could not access the information of any iPhone without the corresponding credentials. And this is something that the Cupertino Keynote guys have told us after Keynote, the iDevices are safe, and that Apple could access the device compromised this information … But we already know how all this works, the FBI gave the device to an alleged Israeli company capable of unlocking these devices, and today we know what the operation cost…

And apparently the Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein has publicly stated that the government paid 900,000 US dollars for break the safety of the shooter's iPhone from San Bernardino. A figure close to one million three hundred thousand dollars that was speculated at first. Of course, he has also stated that in the operation the FBI would protect the identity of the third party capable of performing this unlocking.

A quite controversial security since in this case it entered into moral values, but from my point of view it is obvious the movement of Apple since having been able to unlock it, the security of the iDevices would be quite in doubt….

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