Send money with Apple Pay reach our devices in October

As it was presented in the last WWDC of July, Apple Pay renew its functions by adding the possibility of send money to our friends or family No need for third party applications. Although a few months ago it was presented and even with the launch of iOS 11 we have not seen it, there are already some clues that it will arrive at the end of October.

In principle it was announced to fall of this year 2017, so we still have time to see it and in fact, from the official Apple website you can see how they specify it in the fine print.

What is Apple Pay?

This new Apple Pay service will allow send directly easily using the Wallet app. Not only can it be done from it but it will also be available from the native app of messages and even Siri You can carry out this request. Sent the money, it will be stored directly on the saved bank cards, whether debit or credit, being immediately available to us.

Apple Pay Compatibility

Obviously, to do that of this new feature it will be necessary to have the latest version of the operating system in question, with iOS 11.1 and WatchOS 4 being the latest versions at the time of publishing this article. Likewise, We still haven't found any signs of this feature. on our devices, so we will have to wait at the time of launch to fully see how this new service will be.

At the moment it seems that Apple is solely focused on the sale of its new devices iPhone 8 and 8 Plusas well as the new Apple Watch Series 3. Despite this and as the estimates point, there is very little time left to be able to make use of this service, which we are sure will be a great novelty to be able to manage money between friends and family natively from our Apple devices, without having to depend on other applications.

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