Set a high heart rate alert on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is becoming a device that is demonstrating its full potential year after year. From being a device that many of us already qualify as "essential", to save more than one life.

One of its aspects with more potential is to be a device focused on improving the health of its users. Blood glucose meters, electrocardiograms, etc. have been rumored. but What we can have is a reliable measurement of our heart rate.

Heart rate refers to the amount of heartbeats per minute, measured, how can it be otherwise, in "beats per minute" or "lpm" (in English, BPM -beats per minute-).

For the Apple Watch to measure our heart rate at any given time, we simply have to open the app on the Apple Watch and wait. But The Apple Watch continuously measures our heart rate and we can see the measurements in the Health app of our iPhone.

This is Very useful for discovering abnormalities such as a high resting heart rate or a maximum heart rate that is too high for our age. The approximate calculation of our maximum heart rate during intense exercise is "220 – our age."

However, the most interesting thing about Apple Watch is able to send you a notification if it detects a high heart rate. In this case, it refers to a high heart rate when you have been inactive for more than 10 minutes. That is, if we are exercising, we will not receive a notification because the high heart rate, in this case, is justified.

To configure this, we must follow these steps:

  • Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Click on the "My clock" tab.
  • Then click on "Heart rate".
  • Activate "High heart rate".
  • Select the heart rate with which you want to receive the notification.

Remember two things. This function is not compatible with the original Apple Watch, yes with the later ones. Further, Apple Watch makes measurement errors due to different factors and before any warning you should open the app and confirm it. And, if you can, measure your heart rate yourself or ask someone to measure it for you.

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