Shazam now stores search if we have no connection

Shazam is the most popular music identifier on the planet. It really marked a before and after in this technology, and a competitor has never been able to emerge. In addition, Shazam is always updating with news and is totally cross-platform. Thanks to the latest update of Shazam we can store a search, so we can do it when we have connection. There are few clubs or places where we have loved a song and we could not identify it because we had no data connection or WiFi, this has come to an end. We tell you the news of Shazam for iOS.

It is not the only new thing in the application, now the iPad version has also been slightly renewed, this is the list of news in the version now:

What's new in version 9.7.0

Keep using Shazam to identify songs, even when you're offline. The next time the music plays but what no wifi, you just have to press the big blue button and we will give you the title of the song as soon as you are connected again.

Do you have an iPad? We hope so! We have made changes to the application to further facilitate the discovery of new music. Use Shazam to start identifying songs!

This new possibility of conducting offline searches is fantastic the truth, it will save us many headaches, because in many clubs or festivals it is almost impossible to have a good connection for it.

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