Some AirPods owners report problems with the box battery

It should not be surprising if a device that has just reached the market does so with some problems. The last interesting article we can already buy are the Airpods, Apple's wireless headphones that have arrived with a couple of innovation points, such as the W1 chip and the charging box of the headphones. But they have also come up with a problem, according to what some of the first AirPods holders report.

The AirPods are in the hands of the first users from December 19-20. Now, more than a week later and after a time in which you can already assess the behavior of your batteries, some users are complaining that the cargo box does not keep 24 hours that the Cupertino have promised since September, at which time they presented the headphones.

The AirPods box does not hold its load

The box works as follows: it is supposed to save 24 hours of charging for both headphones. When the headphones are in it, the box transfers charge to the headphones and at that moment is when the 24 hours must begin to descend. When the headphones are out, the box should lose very little charge, something like that lost by any smartphone when the screen is off and in airplane mode, that is, almost nothing. This is precisely what the AirPods box fails to do according to the users who are complaining about this problem.

Users who are experiencing this problem ensure that the AirPods box down to less than 40% in a few hours, although the AirPods are 100% charged and the use of Bluetooth is minimal. This is something that should not happen and at this time it is unknown why it happens.

A Reddit user said he went to an Apple Store, replace the AirPods and see how the problem disappears, which does not help to know what is happening. Personally I can not know what is the problem of AirPods with its cargo box, but I can't rule out the possibility of a software problem related to Bluetooth. I say this because just this week I had a similar problem with my iPhone 7 Plus when listening to music with a Bluetooth headset in which I saw how the iPhone battery dropped from 100% to 20% in about two hours, something that called me a lot Attention.

In any case, the Cupertino, as always, they are not putting paste to replace the devices They are giving trouble. Surely soon we will have an official communication or solution.

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