Speaking of Qi chargers for the new iPhone, Aukey has a 3-coil Wireless

The important thing of having the Qi charge in the new models of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, is that we are not facing a proprietary charging system as it happens in Apple Watch Series 1 and 2, so Any charger that supports Qi technology will be able to perform this charging task by induction.

In the case of Aukey we have a model available for a while now this model is the Aukey LC-C1, which Add 3 coils that allow the user to charge the device in a simple, practical and efficient way placing it on top of the base. The truth is that it is quite comfortable and it is true that having this type of charge available on the new iPhone was important for many users.

Box contents

The box of this Aukey Qi charger adds the essentials for use except for the connector to the wall. We must think that we are facing a reduced-price charger and obviously add only what is necessary, the charger, the USB to micro USB cable for the charging base and nothing else. In most Qi chargers the connector to the wall is not added since it is assumed that the user has that of the smartphone itself, so it is not included in most of this type of chargers and Aukey does not add it either.

Design and construction materials

In this case we are facing a product with a simple but interesting design. Add a perfect inclination so that the iPhone or any other smartphone with Qi support can be placed horizontally or vertically. On the part of the coils we find the brand name and on the back the specifications of the charger together with the charging port for the micro-USB cable and the LED which indicates the operation of the charger at all times in a small grid with two holes in the back.

The back is made of metal and offers the whole an elegant touch, the plastic part is true that it looks quite simple. At the point where the plastic touches the table, some small rubber bands are added so that it does not slip and in general we can say that it has simple but decent finishes.


This is the most important or most prominent part of this type of chargers and is that we currently find many models and prices. Most offer the same and choose more for the design we like or for an important detail such as the possibility of using the fast charge. In this case, the Aukey model does not have this fast charge, but it is not worse than the rest. The manufacturer himself advises use a 2A adapter to get the best loading results.

The price that we find right now in the Amazon store for this Qi charger from Aukey, so it is not bad compared to other similar products on the market. In the product description it does not specify that it is valid for the new iPhone models, but it has the Qi standard, so we do not have to have any problem with it.

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