Square virtual card is already compatible with Apple Pay

No, you're not going to read me more renegade about the arrival of Apple Pay to Spain. And finally we can pay for our purchases with the NFC chip of the iPhone and Apple Watch. However, that is not why we are going to stop giving Apple Pay news, in fact, we are going to spread more, because there will be many banks and credit institutions that are joining the mobile and contactless payment platform of the Cupertino company . However, the issue that concerns us today is the arrival of a new credit card to the payment system, We talked about Square, the virtual card that will be compatible with Apple Pay in a short time.

According Recode, the virtual Square card will reach the Apple payment system, in fact, the card is already working with Apple Pay in certain locations. This virtual card is part of the Square systems conglomerate, We remember, it is a company that allows you to send and receive payments from mobile phones thanks to its credit card readers, which makes it easy to make credit card payments to customers, making it available to virtually anyone.

On the other hand, we have not been able to access this card from Spain, however, the CEO of Square, ensures that it will be functional in any of the countries where Apple Pay is available. So, if getting a virtual credit card is as easy as Square says, you will not have restrictions when it comes to making the most of Apple Pay, which as you know is limited to Santander Bank and Carrefour Pass for now, although its true usefulness will come when access systems such as EMT allow you to get on public transport by bringing your iPhone / Apple Watch closer to the reader.

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