Steam Link returns in beta form for iOS and for tvOS

There is little controversy in recent months after Apple's constant refusal to offer the Steam Link application in the iOS App Store. However, that did not seem to create any "bad vibes" between the companies. Now Steam Link is back in the App Store for both iOS and tvOS again, in beta form.

A) Yes at least the laziness of many users who began to think that Steam Link would never reach the platforms of the Cupertino company begins to be satisfied, and the truth is that we don't blame them for being this pessimistic in these matters.

In short, after the problems caused by the rejection of individual applications in the Apple application store, as well as the subsequent announcements by Phil Schiller (Apple executive) in this regard, everything begins to reach an ideal end. Far from what often happens with other applications that do not run the same fate, we understand that for various reasons, for example that are not supported precisely by companies such as Valve or not have the signature of a brand so valued by many communities such as Steam, I have it quite clear, but this is not all we have to say about it.

It is important that all companies and developers have clear policies of the App Store, whether Facebook or Valve, is the only way that Apple manages to maintain such a high quality standard, there is no other way, without making distinctions of any kind. And that, although we weigh because certain applications seem to arrive later or with less functionality, sometimes you have to set these limits to maintain quality, even more so in the current optimization and performance campaign that the Cupertino company has launched with iOS 12.

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