Supplier confirms an iPhone with glass for 2017

Seeing the filtered renderings of iPhone 7, there have been few criticisms received by the "new" design. Is it going to be the same as the iPhone 6 that was introduced in 2014? Well it seems that yes and everything indicates that it has a reason: Tim Cook and company intend to launch a new model with a very different design (this time yes) on the 2017 iPhone, a device that will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the apple smartphone.

We cannot know what the design of that device will be like, but according to rumors and recent statements by a Catcher executive, the 2017 iPhone will be made of glass, something that reminds us of the iPhone 4 / 4S. This was revealed by Catcher executive Allen Horng in a meeting with his company's shareholders, but he also said that it would not be the entire glass device, but that it would have a metal bezel, which, once again, we It makes remember the iPhone 4 / 4s.

The 2017 iPhone will return to the glass

Horng's comment spoke of a future in which an important customer made changes that could affect him and Apple will make them, but those changes could be even more profitable for his company. Although it is true that there will be less metal, Horn says that the external parts need “advanced processing technology”, so their manufacturing has a higher cost than that of an all metal case, as it is present in the iPhone 6 / 6s.

Absolutely all analysts say that the next apple smartphone will be something important. There are many new features that you can include, such as OLED screen, the expected (for three years) new design or the Touch ID integrated in the screen, but Apple can not forget the model this year, so many people believe that the case will be the only thing to share with the iPhone 6s . Hopefully make no mistake or Apple could have very bad sales in 2016.

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