Supreme Court favors Samsung in patent war

Did you think the patent war that keep Apple and Samsung was it over? Well, no. They have been regularly visiting the courts for several years and the last appointment they have had this week, with better news for the Korean giant than for the company that Tim Cook is running from practically the same moment in which the patent war moved To the courts.

In the last episode of this long story, the Supreme Court of the United States has positioned itself on the side of Samsung, reversing the damage ruling that put the balance on the side of Cupertino. We remind you that in this trial you have to decide if Apple is right in your complaint that ensures that Samsung copied the design of the iPhone in the first models of its flagship, the Galaxy S.

The patent war gives Samsung a break

With this decision, the Supreme Court has already said that Samsung will not have to pay the 339 million dollars in damages for patent infringement that a lower court ruled. The reason given by the Supreme Court of the United States to reverse the previous ruling is that the damages should not be based on the entire device, but rather on specific parts such as the front bezel.

This story is still far from over. In the following episodes we will see Apple and Samsung in lower courts, where they will have to decide how much the South Koreans have to pay the Americans, so I would not rule out 100% that the faces would be seen again in the supreme court if they do not reach an agreement. And, although I understand that it is true that a complete device cannot be taken into account, I believe that Apple's lawyers will eliminate only some component or will be adding components such as the mentioned front bezel to benefit as much as possible, that is, I add the bezel, plus the shape, plus the start button to get as close as possible to the entire terminal. The answer will be in the next episode of "Apple vs. Samsung: patent war ”.

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