Survivor Royale, an all against all PUBG style for iOS

Video games are increasingly present in mobile telephony, This is because the devices have greater potential in terms of hardware. This is how developers are so drawn to a system that offers many monetary possibilities, so it is not difficult to find versions mobile of videogames present in traditional platforms.

An example is Survivor Royale, this game for iOS is a version of PUBG quite successful and that on its own merits is being a reference in the iOS App Store. Stay with us and discover more closely what this fantastic video game consists of.

This game is a version of the mythical book and later film Batlle Royale, which has subsequently been verriondo like many other variants, an example is The Hunger Games and the famous video game PUBG As you could not miss his namesake in mobile telephony, here we have to Survivor Royale. This is how the game developed by NetEase reaches the iPhone and iPad, without any complex.

In the game we will descend with another ninety-nine players in an approximate territory of 55 km2 that will reduce its size for 20 minutes, the maximum time that the game would last. In it we must fight with everything and against everyone (unless we use the cooperative mode of up to 4 players. We all arrive in the same conditions, we must take advantage of the ground and the weapons distributed by him to win in position and danger. He also has an important cast of vehicles.

For now the game is in English, but promises a Spanish version with the next update. It has become the favorite for the mobile platform among lovers of the genre, and above all we recommend it being free, although obviously integrated purchases influence the future of the game.

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