Terry Blanchard, Mail specialist in iOS leaves Apple for Readdle

Mail is undoubtedly one of the worst applications we found installed natively on iOS. It is very true that Mail meets tweezers with all its purposes, it is a minimalist email manager, aimed at quickly getting rid of emails. However, it is more than obvious that it does not fit when we make professional use of email and we must manage many accounts, and worse, much content. However, in Readdle they are not afraid that the iOS application is mediocre, They have hired the Mail team head engineer who worked at Apple to include his development team.

For those who are still lost, we will emphasize that Readdle, one of the largest developers of document and office management applications for iOS, some examples are: Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, Documents 5 and Calendars 5.

Being fair, Mail is not objectively a bad email management application, It is simply a user-level email management application, more than enough for those who do not base their professional activity on email, or at least do not have a basic tool in email.

Readdle CEO Igor Zhadanov has left the following statement in this regard:

Email is not going anywhere as a method of communication. The time has come to reinvent it. Our team has done a phenomenal job throughout this time to change the future of email. That is why we have hired Terry, to add to this team his perseverance and his experience within one of the largest companies in the world. It is going to become a Silicon Valley star.

In a nutshell, They seek to know what is the key to the success of iOS at the user interface level, so your new signing could bring you great successes, or similar failure.

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