That's how well iOS 9.3.3 works on an iPhone 5

The biggest concern of most users with each iOS update is always the same, we don't know if it will improve or worsen the performance of our device. This was a fear that did not exist until the arrival of iOS 7, but since then, each update is not synonymous with good performance. Although this trend is changing quite a bit with the arrival of iOS 9, Tim Cook promised stability and performance and is meeting it. To decide for yourself what comes in a few days with the arrival of iOS 9.3.3, We leave you this video-comparison of the performance of iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 on an iPhone 5, an old device.

The team of iAppleBytes It always leaves us great videos like this. Now they have installed iOS 9.3.3 B1 on an iPhone 5, a fairly old device, and so we can see first hand how is the performance of this type of devices for which some years have passed. It is the most dangerous, to upgrade to a new version with an old device, it is true that we have more features, but the performance is usually quite resentful of these new functions and does not enrage and consider buying a new device. Check out the video:

Not everything has improved, only some applications such as iMessages and Twitter have shown better performance, however, others such as Safari have worsened. We are still in the first beta, so we will move cautiously to possible updates. Although I do not find much sense to iOS 9.3.3, especially when Apple is already preparing iOS 10 to present it shortly, although its official launch will be delayed until September, with the presentation of the iPhone 7, that of which so many rumors are coming lately. iOS 9.3.3 has not made a big difference for an iPhone 5, but at least the performance is still up to par.

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