The AirPods bring out the weak points of Apple

The AirPods are the latest launch of Apple, an accessory for our devices that represents an important advance over conventional wireless headphones for its ease of configuration and connection, for its autonomy and for its perfect integration with the Apple ecosystem. But the AirPods have also exposed some of Apple's weaknesses in different areas: Siri, watchOS, tvOS… These are lacks or bad implementations that until now had not stood out much but that the AirPods have made it shine.

Siri, the eternal apprentice

More than a virtual assistant Siri always seems a little outdone student. Yes, it has been advancing but at a slow pace. The AirPods almost require us to start using the Apple assistant, but it turns out that when we do we realize that there are things we can not get and we have to take the iPhone out of our pocket. Do you want to listen to a podcast in Castro or Overcast? Well, from Apple headphones invoking Siri you won't be able to do it. Do you want to increase the volume without internet coverage inside an airplane? Well, you won't get it with Siri either.

Yes, it is true that we can use our Apple Watch, who has it, to do all those things without having to take the iPhone out of the bag, but that is not what we want. If our AirPods force us to use Siri to control everything, Siri must do just that: control everything. Integration with third-party applications arrived this year with iOS 10, but it is not complete, and it is a pending issue that Apple must solve. The same as the need to use the internet even for tasks as mundane as increasing the volume of reproduction. A wikipedia consultation requires connection, but many other tasks that are performed directly on our device for which having an internet connection is completely unnecessary. It is a price that Siri can work offline, it was before and it is now even more so.

Music on Apple Watch

Yes, Apple boasts that its Apple Watch can store up to 8GB (somewhat less) of content and that thanks to that we can listen to music directly from the watch without having to use the iPhone. With the Apple Watch Series 2 and its GPS we can even go to sports without the iPhone and not lose any data of our tour, including the layout on a map. And it is true, but the way it is done is quite improvable.

Something that is incomprehensible is that we can only synchronize lists with the Apple Watch, and not lists, but “a single list” of reproduction. This is a limitation that nobody ends up understanding and which is further aggravated by the fact that the synchronization of that list on the clock is slow, extremely slow. If we also add the fact that you do not always encounter the changes you make in the list synchronized with the Apple Watch, certainly the conclusion is that this aspect of watchOS 3 is still very green.

Limitations with the microphone

Something that has surprised me negatively is the fact that the Apple Watch's microphone can barely be used as a handsfree on your iPhone, and not as an input source. If you have the AirPods in place and you want to record a video, the microphone is deactivated and the iPhone's microphone is used. The same happens when you use other applications to record a podcast. The microphone of the AirPods is not the best on the market, far from it, But why can I use the EarPods micro and not the AirPods? Why doesn't Apple allow me to choose the audio input that I want to use at all times?

And the Apple TV?

Why has Apple left Apple TV out of the ecosystem that integrates perfectly with the AirPods? It gathers all the necessary characteristics so that it was inside, and of course it is a device that would benefit a lot from what the AirPods offer, but incomprehensibly the "magic" of the AirPods does not reach Apple TV. Yes, it is compatible, but you have to configure them like any bluetooth headset. An oversight? Is Apple still considering Apple TV as a mere hobby?

The good news: everything is solvable

The best thing about all this is that it is about software problems, and therefore with a simple solution, as simple as an update. A launch of a product like this that marks the beginning of a new category for Apple (they are the first Apple-branded wireless headphones, outside of Beats) cannot have been made without a roadmap that marks the necessary improvements, and these failures must be more than detected by their engineers, or so we hope.

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