The AirPods collection tool is now available in the physical store

After an online availability that came by surprise and that the first units are in the hands of the first users, Apple has activated the tool that will allow us to check the availability of AirPods in any store from Spain. This tool, available by clicking on “Check availability” in this link, will allow us to enter a zip code and see when and where we could pick up the new Apple wireless headphones.

At the time of writing these lines, all Apple Stores in Spain put the same availability: the February 6th, which is almost 7 weeks counting from today. In addition to the country from which you write a server, the AirPods store pickup tool is available in the United States, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Japan, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Most likely, it will soon be in other countries where Apple has at least one physical store.

AirPods can be booked to pick up in store on February 6

After several delays, which we remember should be available at the end of October, the AirPods could be purchased online for a week today, but only a few lucky ones could buy them and receive them as of today. Shortly after becoming available, users began to see how their Availability went from December 20 to a 4-week wait.

The new Apple wireless headphones arrived at the physical Apple Stores yesterday and those of Cupertino assure that shipments will continue to arrive regularly, which can mean that we could see some units in physical stores much sooner than the tool to pick them up that is Available for a few hours. With this in mind, if you live near an Apple Store and are interested in AirPods, I would not hesitate to come in and ask every time I passed by, even if it means being a bit heavy. If not, everything indicates that within 6 weeks more units will be available. Can you wait?

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