The AirPods pass the first tests of each and water resistance?

No device gets rid. Yesterday came the Airpods at the hands of the first users and have already begun to mistreat them, that is, to do all kinds of resistance tests. The first tests that have been done to the new Apple wireless headphones have been a drop test, that is, to test how it withstands blows to falls, and they have also tested its resistance to water, although at first they should not come out very well stopped after taking a dip.

Who has been responsible for doing these first tests has been the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro. The first of the tests that we can see in the following video is the one that worries us most, and here I am not talking about a loss test or something similar, but of a drop test that, although the first to try them deny that it will be easy for them to get out of our ears, it seems more likely. The protagonist of the video throws the AirPods and its box from several heights and, small separate marks, both the headphones and the box seem to work the same before the test than after.

AirPods show great resistance to falls … and water

Apple does not speak at any time of the water resistance of the AirPods, which makes us think that we have to be careful with them and not wash them or get in the shower with them. We don't have to do it, but in the previous video we can see how its protagonist put them in a washing machine for 30 minutes and the new Apple headphones work without major problems. Personally, I would have liked the washing machine test to be done with the headphones in a pants pocket or in a more natural situation, but you can't have everything.

Apparently, the manufacture of the AirPods is similar to that of the iPhone 6s in the sense that both devices include a seal to prevent water damage, but Apple did not want to perform the tests to see if they could get IPX7 certification. In any case, it is interesting to see how resistant € 179 headphones are.

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