The Apple Park is not the last headquarters built by Apple in the United States

In this case we are talking about a new building that will serve to create more employment in the country as well as required in the first meetings with the most important businessmen and CEO’s in the country, Donald Trump. Evidently Apple follows its road map for the purchase or construction of new buildings to increase his personal assets, but something has to do with the arrival of the new American president in some movements and this could be one of them.

Apple announces the construction of another Campus valued at about 350 billion dollars To continue generating employment in the country as they communicate in a new press release launched in their Newsroom web section, yes, it will not start until they have completely finished the Apple Park.

In addition to the news about this new campus that they plan to build, Apple also talks about the money they will invest in suppliers and manufacturers in the United States, with a clear message to the president of the country in which their commitment to internal investments since it is partly an obligation of all American companies. Apple's investments are usually measured at the millimeter and in this case it is no exception.

Wanting to communicate the investments made in the country and the generation of employment in this is something that all companies around the world usually make and Apple is no exception. On the other hand, in this press release other economic data from abroad are added, such as the money that the company pays in the country from the rest of the countries of the world, in this case the figure is about 38 billion dollars, a "clean" money for the coffers of the country.

Figures that are really impressive and that they are most likely to appear on February 1 of this year when they hold the conference of financial results. Apple continues to grow by leaps and bounds Economically speaking and it shows with these numbers.

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